Drama Club Performs The Tempest

By Rylie Young

The Charter News – 05/20/19

“Ten minutes!” Drama Club director, Paul Angelo shouts. “Thank you ten minutes,” the cast shouts back, some still pouring some last minute glitter on their costumes. The tension of anticipation builds until at last they are on stage and the curtain reels back.

Drama Club has put on a variety of performances in the last several years; this year they performed The Tempest by William Shakespeare on May 3rd and 4th. The Tempest, a comedy, takes place after a ship was wrecked during a tempest, which was caused by a magician named Prospero. The tale revealed themes of magic, revenge, romance, and forgiveness all while speaking in old English, undoubtedly a tough act.

Left to Right: Louis Peterson, Anika Shubin, Paige Stickney, Ashton Scott, Tazio Villali, Hallie McMillan, Chloe Jacobsen, Haladar Wright, Trinity Shubin, Libby Cox, Sequoia Conway, Ian Sofich, Kyra Shubin, Sariah McMillan, Gracelyn Pen, Lily Meier, Gavin Young.

Sophomore, Ashton Scott who co-played Caliban with Tazio Villali says “Everyone was definitely a bit stressed the weeks coming up to the play, but it really, really came together. There was a few mistakes as there’s always going to be, but seeing we spent the whole year learning to roll with on-stage mistakes, it was barely noticeable from an audience standpoint. As usual, the Shakespearean prose was a bit confusing to most, but the cast really did well at knowing what they were saying (which in turn, helped the audience understand).”

Tazio Villali and Ashton Scott playing “Caliban”

Although the weekend of the play was hot, the gym was packed with audience members including teachers, students, cast member’s family, and several Drama Club alumni. Drama Club alumni, Anna Krieske said, “It [the play] was so great. I was so good. I loved it. I laughed, I cried, I was frightened- okay I didn’t cry but I was frightened. I thought Ash and Tazio were going to eat me…Everyone did amazingly. I’m covered in glitter from hugging people.”

The cast of the play this year showed their devotion to memorizing their lines by having extra rehearsals on the weekends before the play. For some cast members this play was particularly nerve wracking because it was their first year in Drama Club, like Freshman, Louis Peterson. Peterson says, “I feel like it went fantastic. It was pretty great. I honestly was really excited, I was overly excited and overly nervous, so when we aced the first and second one I was like ‘this is the best thing ever’.”

Their teacher and director, Paul Angelo says, “Oh! I thought they did a great job. Everybody works really hard, you know? At first when you’re doing stuff at the beginning it feels like you’re never gonna get there like ‘oh it’s never gonna work! It’s never gonna work’ but ultimately it works because everybody cares and they work hard. If you have a bunch of folks who want to be good and to do their best to be as good as they can be the chances of success are pretty good.”

ACA director, Seanna Bloemer attended the first showing of The Tempest and says,“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was- I don’t know the storyline at all. I was amazed by all the memorization of lines, how all the characters seemed to know their lines. I can’t tell if something went arise so they did a great job, very entertaining.”


Angelo, Paul. Personal Interview. May 3rd, 2019.

Bloemer, Seanna. Personal Interview. May 3rd, 2019.

Krieske, Anna. Personal Interview. May 3rd, 2019.

Peterson, Louis. Personal Interview. May 3rd, 2019.

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