Disagreements in our Country

By Rylie Young

Charter-Ed Territory – 05/20/19

What is one thing that our country has done that you disagree with (longer than ten years ago)?

“Bombing Japan. It was necessary to end the war, but it was really just kind of rude. It ended the war but it made enemies– it could start potential wars in the future.” Says 15 year old, Sophomore, Abby Engle.
Open up trade with China because it out-sourced a lot of jobs. It seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but then a lot of American jobs got out-sourced and it kind of threw our country into turmoil.” Says Brandi Stickney, mother of an ACA student.

“I wholeheartedly disagree with the internment of the Japanese people in America during WWII.  I believe that the Executive Order 9066 issued by President Roosevelt was totally unconstitutional and based on wartime fears and emotions.  The reparations and official Letters of Apology from the government were not sufficient and could not completely restore the honor, property, and finances of the Japanese people.”

Teacher, Val McCormack.