ES Expecting Baby in October 2019

By Sydney Starr

The Charter News – 5/15/19

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Jenna Friesen is expecting her first baby, a boy, towards the end of October 2019. She is currently 16 weeks along (as of May 6, 2019).

Friesen says that she plans on hopefully working until she has her baby, and then she will be taking maternity leave. She anticipates being back “…by the end of January.”

Diana Brainerd, lead ES and Associate Director, says of Friesen’s 26 ES kids, “The plans are not firm yet. Most likely we will ask our other ESes to fill in and serve her students during her leave.” Brainerd adds that she will “ensure her [Friesen’s] families have the support of another ES while she is out with her baby.”

ES and Financial Manager for ACA, Danelle Till, provides more information about maternity leave. “…maternity leave falls under short-term disability.” She goes on to explain that disability insurance will pay Friesen a reduced amount while she is on leave.

When asked how she feels about everything, Friesen remarks, “I’m really happy.”

Friesen explains her plan for coming back, saying, “[I will] probably [be] bringing him with me and doing a lot of home visits. So, like, a lot of my families have like multiple kids, and families I’m more comfortable with…they’re totally cool with it [Friesen bringing her baby with her on home visits].”

“I don’t really feel very stressed, I feel like this is the perfect job to have a baby with because I have a lot of time off and it’s so flexible and I make my own schedule. [And] this school is really accommodating and laid-back in that way,” comments Friesen, expressing her appreciation for ACA’s support.

ACA’s Director, Seanna Bloemer, comments, “I think it’s wonderful that she’s bringing a child into our ACA community, and we look forward to it, and wish her all the best!”

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