ACA Plant Delivery

By Hailey Fox

Charter Newsroom – 5/d/19

On May 8th at seven am about six volunteers arrived  at the kitchen side entrance to help unload the orders the plant sale had gotten. The plant sale ended up selling $843.05 worth of plants. To find out more about the plant sale read the story by Rachel Shulikov.

The driver of the plant delivery truck had gotten lost, and had to be flagged down by Lara Fabrycki. He arrived about thirty minutes late to the event.

This is a photo of the truck readjusting with all the plants being transported inside.

Everyone here is tearing off the plastic wrap to finally get the plants unloaded. They unloaded the racks by dragging them out of the unloading area, taking off the plastic wrap, then putting the plants into rows based on the planting tags.

A photo of said plant tag being held up by  Polly Fox, a parent who volunteered for the event.

Lara Fabrycki and another volunteer pulling the racks out of the loading area under the stairs leading to the gym.

The shaded hanging planters area, located under the stairs leading to the gym.

In this photo Polly Fox is moving plants off the racks and putting them in there corresponding row.

This is a photo of Carla Calhoun sorting through the flats. She is currently placing a full flat of Dahlias on the ground.

Lara Fabrycki counting the flats to see if anything got misordered. Only one plant got misordered out of all the flats.

Lara Fabrycki organizing all the previous flats into orders. They did this by have someone shout out the number of flats they needed, people running the flats to said person, then taking a plastic bag and putting the order form into the plastic bag and under the order. The customers then came later in the day to pick up the order with their name on it.

The most popular plant was this red Geranium, they sold 33 of these flowers.

This 16” Oval Sun Planter is an example of some of the assorted plants they had sold.