Volunteer Hours

By Natalie Ramsey

The Charter- 4/15/18

Volunteering is an important piece of ACA. It keeps the school safe and clean while giving back to the community.

Each school year, families are encouraged to complete thirty volunteer hours which equals about fifteen minutes of volunteering a school day. According to the Alliance Charter Academy handbook if families are unable to complete the volunteer hours, they could consider a financial donation instead.

“We highly encourage, we recommend, we hope everyone contributes because there are so many things for volunteer hours that we personally can’t afford to pay for, so we ask that our parents can help with those things,” says Carla Calhoun, “It’s a great to give back to not only our school, students, our whole community.”

Students and their families can volunteer for different things around the school. This could include working in the library or preschool, helping with the welcome table, or volunteering at events like school dances or graduation. Families can sign up to volunteer by making an account through HelpCounter, and emailing Julie True.


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