What is the the best thing you are doing this summer?

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter Features – 5/3/2019

“I am going down to Utah and we’re going to have a family reunion down there. Our family is super big so we’re going to rent out this big, cool house and it’s going to be great. And then my cousins from Arizona are coming over for the entire summer. I am going camping a lot. My family is like really big camper and so we go camping four or five times a summer.” -Hallie Bean, 13, 7th grade.

“Since I ride horses I have a lot of shows that I go to and so every summer during July I go to Bend, and do a really long week show and it’s so much fun. And then I’m also going to the beach soonish, for a little while, so I’m really excited about that. Pretty much just horse shows the whole summer basically, so I’m pretty active.” -Cheyenne O’Brien, 15, Freshman.

“I think we are probably going camping and spent a lot of time with family.” -Kimberly Gardner, parent.

“I think I am going to hike the Enchantments, which is a trail that goes, it’s in the Wallowas, and it’s a 20 mile hike.” -Denise Dille, teacher and ES.

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