Goodbye ACA, Hello Singapore!

By Rylie Young

The Charter News – 05/01/19

Downtown Singapore, where the Ingham’s will be moving. Image foudn on Google Imgaes.

Expanding your horizons doesn’t mean moving to Singapore for everyone, but for ACA’s art teacher, Todd Ingham, it does. After this school year ends, Ingham will not be returning to ACA because he, his wife and two sons are moving 8,283 miles away to Singapore.

Campus of SAS, (Singapore American School) the school Mrs. Ingham will be working at next year. Image found on Google Images

Ingham’s wife, who has been wanting to do an international job for some time, was offered a job at an a school called Singapore American School or SAS after several interviews on Skype. She will be an elementary kids’ librarian, specifically 1st-3rd graders, and is given a stipend from her job to pay the rent of living while she works there.

Her job is also paying to have their belongings flown over, which requires the Inghams to go through their belongings and really decide what to bring with them or not. “It was just a great deal,” says Ingham. However, he says “…We have land in Oregon, on the coast, and that’s kinda my favorite place. I’m sure I’ll be back, I can’t imagine dying somewhere else than here.”

The biggest thing according to Ingham is that his kids will get to go to SAS for virtually no cost. With their mother working there, his sons get half off tuition and scholarships to pay the rest.

In Singapore Ingham hopes to focus more on his art and yoga, finding the move to be the perfect opportunity to work on his yoga training because he hasn’t been teaching it as much.  

“If teaching opportunities with art come along, I’ll be open, ya know I’ll have a resume but for the most part I’ll be like cooking for the family…I’ll be doing my art but I’ll be a little more of a stay-at-home dad,” says Ingham. He said he is most looking forward to immersing himself in a different culture.

“You know I really enjoyed being here, this will be my fifth year, best and favorite year. I feel connected with the students, faculty, and parents more than ever. But it’s kinda weird I reach a certain point— kinda like when you’re in highschool or something like that where you’re a senior and you’re like ‘oh this is great’ but you want to transition to something else.”

As to what ACA will do to replace him, school director, Seanna Bloemer, mentioned the opening of the art teacher position in a staff member meeting on Monday, April 8. She sent a follow up email the next day saying that the position would be posted on the school website soon, however it is not posted yet.

Father of ACA students who take lessons with Ingham, Matt Crum says, “What I would say is that Todd is really good at finding the creativity that each kid brings to the table and not being judgmental about what they’re creating.” His son adds, “I think he is very patient.”


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