NHS Plans Prom 2019

By Miriam Lee

The Charter News – 04/29/19

Audio recording of the story read by Isaiah Lee.

High schoolers, mark your calendar for a special night of simplicity.

Despite the “uniqueness” of ACA, our school still participates in one of the oldest traditions among high schools. That is, prom, a formal dance — thrown in almost every high school in the U.S. — dating back to the late 18th century.

The ACA prom is scheduled for May 24th, from 7-11pm for grades 10-12th. Freshman may be invited as guests.

Although times have changed and prom isn’t all about social etiquette and proper manners, it has lived on in other ways. Traditionally, the upperclassmen attend in couples rather than groups, they dance in a ballroom, dressed in formal attire, and crown a king and queen. The extremities of these traditions all depend on the school of course; there’s been a lot of development in breaking social norms, and not every school goes all out.

At ACA, prom is what the students make it. This year, NHS is planning it — with Louisa Rux as their president — but like most dances at ACA, it’s student run.

Anna Krieske, who planned ACA’s 2017 Prom says, “People tend to put too much stock in venue, decorations, how many twinkle lights you have or whatever it is. A dance is what you make it. Good people and good friends, having a good time is what makes them magical, and luckily those are the things you bring yourself.”

Prom 2018 captured by Stephanie Young.

According to Danelle Till, who helps coordinate school dances, the theme this year is “simplicity.” Rux stated that she doesn’t feel the need for all the extravagances, “it’s gonna be ‘under the stars,’ which just means, we’re gonna be putting up fairy lights.” She wants it to be organized, easy, and fun.

“I think that’s one of the things that makes ACA and even it’s dances so special. They’re intimate and personable,” says Krieske. She continues, referring to her friend who has attended both ACA prom and traditional public school prom, “she said it was a way preferable experience to her huge prom in a ballroom with $40 tickets.”

The venue for ACA has varied over the years, this always affects the price of tickets, depending on how much the venue is. This year the venue (Clackamas River Farm) is free, so tickets are $10 in advance through study hall, and $15 at the door. Rux recommends students buy their tickets in advance so that she has a better headcount of who will make an appearance. She says that if you’re planning on bringing a guest from outside of school, you can fill out student request forms in study hall; she’s hoping for a good turnout.


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