Reunification Drill

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter News- 3/10/2019

ACA is planning to have a reunification drill. Although we don’t have a set day for the drill, our school is planning to have it in the beginning of October, in the next school year.

A reunification drill is a drill where the whole school walks to a location near the school but not on the school property. We are doing this drill to be prepared in case of an emergency event that requires an evacuation. The Oregon City School District explains the reunification method for students and parents on its website. It also has other safety response protocols.    

ACA is planning to walk to a church near the school. “The church has been more than gracious letting our safety team visit and offering space for us to store water and snacks. We are working with new leadership at the church to continue our reunification drill plans,” said Seanna Bloemer, the director of ACA.

“Drills are not my favorite, but I think they are necessary for the school’s preparedness and safety, and a good idea for the kids to get used to the idea of a possible emergency and how to react. The upcoming drill is probably a good idea for preparedness,” said Kathryn Taggart, a student at ACA.

Everybody who will be on campus the day of the drill will be expected to do the drill.

“Safety is a priority at ACA and it is best to always be prepared. In the event of a real emergency having practiced how to safely evacuate campus would be critical in ensuring safety and minimizing chaos,” said Seanna Bloemer.

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If you want to know more about Reunification Drills, you can go to this website to get more information: