ACA Plant Sale

Rachel Shulikov

The Charter News – 4/11/2019    

For about ten years the Parent Action Team (PAT) has been putting on the plant sale as a fundraiser. This year Valerie Johnson, ACA teacher and parent is in charge of the sale.

The money that is raised is used by the PAT for their projects. This year 30 percent of the funds will be for the purchase of the water bottle refill station.

“So all the plants that families would normally be purchasing at other garden centers in town, can actually help ACA receive additional funds which they can use for things like the water bottle refill station that ACA is going to use this year’s money on,” said Johnson.

“ACA is having a plant sale because it is a great opportunity for ACA families to purchase any veggies, plants and flowers they’d like while supporting ACA,” said Valerie Johnson.

Everyone is invited to purchase plants!  Even if people are not into plants, they are welcome to buy plants for the ACA Community Garden.  All kinds of veggies are always welcome,” said Carla Calhoun, Parent Liaison.

Some of the plants that are being sold are flowers, a couple are: Alyssum, Cosmos, Dahlia, Fibrous, etc. There are also Tray Organic Veggie Samplers, there are Assorted 4” pot Samplers which contain Organic Herb Sampler, Organic 4” Veggie Sampler, Perennial Samplers, and Specialty Annual Samplers. There are Zonal Geraniums which are also flowers.

Plants can to be ordered anytime until April 11th, by then they need to be turned in. “The plants [will] arrive a month later on [May] 8th”, and could be picked up the same week, said Johnson.

“There are about a dozen people volunteering to make the plant sale a success,” said Johnson. “Most volunteers are actually participating by helping unload the truck when the plants arrive May 8th and 9th. They’ll also be there to help everyone pick up their orders that week,” she added.

For those who supported ACA by buying plants, a big thank you!!

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