“What are you looking forward to most next year?

By Natalie Ramsey

The Charter 3/13/19

“Probably having more home subjects because it just adds a lot because I already have a busy schedule with dance and youth group.” -Alayna Meeker, 13, 7th grade.

“Next school year I’m looking forward to it being my final year of high school and learning more, expanding my knowledge and since I am in the ACE program I am excited to take more classes up there.” -Lily Meier, 16, Junior.

“American Literature. That is my favorite thing to teach and I’m also teaching the cooking class next year which is amazing.” -Mrs. Gerstner, teacher.

“I’m looking forward to two of my kids being in the ACE program and then Katie is taking orchestra II and Spanish, and just learning how to juggle college and high school classes for my older kids.” -Kendra Sawatsky, parent.