Hercules Livens Up the Poetree

By Matthias Armstrong

The Charter News – 4/5/19

The Poetree has been given new “life” and decoration through Hercules, a taxidermied squirrel whose purpose is to get more students of all ages interested in the writing poems.

The squirrel was placed on the poetree, which is just outside room 210 in the main hallway, around a month ago, and his purpose is to intrigue students enough to maybe get them to read some of the poems and writings posted on the tree or post things of their own.

So far there has been only one submission posted on the billboard where the tree is. The committee members in charge of the tree hope to get more students involved through renovations to the tree like the recent snowflakes that are supposed to be pinning entries on the tree.

Mrs. Coleman, one of the many people involved with the Poetree and the person who brought in Hercules, says that he is just the beginning to a whole slew of decorations that the tree may be receiving to really give it life.

According to Mrs. Coleman the Poetree was supposed to be another way for students to express their writing skills by giving them a place to share it.

“It was kind of an extension of the poetry night or the evening of the spoken word. It was supposed to be another way for students to display their work, so they could do it orally or they could display in writing on the tree.”

Hercules had quite the interesting life before becoming a fixture here at ACA. He came into the Colemans’ possession after an unfortunate encounter with their dog and was later taxadermied by Sandy High School’s taxidermy class. He spent almost five years being an in-house decoration where they would dress him up in various uniforms. One particular costume he dawned was a Superbowl egg hat where each side of the egg portrayed one team in the Superbowl.

From his years as a Superbowl mascot to his months as a Poetree decoration, Hercules the squirrel is a unique part of ACA’s landscape meant to inspire kids to share their poems.


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