ACA Student to Play At Ten Grands

By Sydney Starr

The Charter News – 4/10/19

Here’s an audio recording of Modlin’s solo performance at the Ten Grands piano concert, April 19th, at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

On April 19th and 20th, ACA Junior Rachel Modlin will be performing with the Ten Grands piano concert at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Families can sign up at the welcome desk to reserve their seats for the show.

Modlin’s Journey to Ten Grands

Modlin explains her piano history: “I started when I was six with a private teacher and I played for about two years, and then considered stopping playing because I had eye problems…that hindered my ability to read music and see. Once we figured that out it was much easier from there to play.”

She mentions that the daughter of Michael Allen Harrison (the show’s creator), used to study with the same teacher that she did. Modlin continues about how she got the opportunity to play at Ten Grands, “So he’s known me over the years and see me in recitals and things like that. I guess he knew of me and called me up this time.”

Modlin will be playing at both kids’ concerts (9:45 am and 11:45 am on Friday April 19th) and the adults’ concert (2pm on Saturday April 20th). She says that she will be playing in several arrangements for all ten pianos and also “…will be playing a solo piece by Chopin.”

Modlin comments that this experience will be a bit unusual because, “These are pieces that like we would normally hear of but they are adapted for ten pianos. So, it’s a little different because there are some times where I’m not playing for 15 measures…” In addition, “We don’t have a rehearsal [with all ten grands] until the evening before the concert, so we have three or four hours to pull all the pieces together.” However, she remarks that she is both excited and nervous, but, “It’s an experience that I’m happy to partake in.”

Jilene Modlin, Rachel Modlin’s mother, says “I think it’s very exciting that she’s worked so hard and she’s invited to it, it wasn’t anything that she had pursued herself…” Jilene Modlin also encourages everyone in the ACA community to go to the concert and cheer for their school.

What is Ten Grands?

Ten Grands is a yearly piano concert in Portland, Oregon that is put on by Michael Allen Harrison. The show involves, as the name suggests, ten grand pianos performing together—and its signature feature is classical and popular modern pieces arranged for ten pianos by Harrison. All of the performers are accomplished pianists and some are local students.

“Concert proceeds benefit the Snowman Foundation and the Play It Forward Program, which helps bring music education and instruments to organizations that serve disadvantaged youth in the Northwest,” explains Portland’5 Centers For The Arts.

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And according to the official Ten Grands website, “Michael allen Harrison created Ten Grands as a platform to inspire, entertain and deliver the message of how important music and music education is to our community.”

Rachel Modlin introduces her solo piece at the Ten Grands piano concert, April 19, 2019, at Portland’s Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

Erika Engle, ACA parent, has arranged a field trip for all who are interested in going to the Ten Grands for Kids concert. Our school is signed up for Friday April 19th at 9:45 am, at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. The tickets are free, but, there is a suggested donation of $1 per seat for the Snowman Foundation. There are a limited number of seats reserved for our school, so sign up soon. The sign-up sheet is on a clipboard located on the welcome desk, just past the front doors of ACA.


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