Three New Lunch & Learns

Three New Lunch and Learns

By Rachel Shulikov

The Charter News – 3/18/2019

Aside from Monday Science Lunch and Learn, ACA staff has started three new lunch and learns.

The new Lunch and Learns started at the beginning of the second semester. The subjects will be Social Studies led by Chad Wynne, Math led by Debora Whittet, and English Language Arts (ELA) led by Sarah Sanderson.

“The new Lunch and Learns sessions were created based on the Science Lunch and Learn model,” said Julie Swanson, Lead Teacher and Associate Director at ACA. “We are looking for a variety of ways to support students. Sometimes students can use a little more time with a teacher to clarify assignments and double checking that they are doing the work correctly.”

The Lunch and Learns are going to take place during lunch “for the rest of the [school] year.” Math Lunch and Learn will be in the math room, room 204. ELA in room 109, and Social Studies will be in Mr. Wynne’s ES cubicle.

“It was the decision of … a group of teachers, administrators and Special Education teachers. The team works to provide opportunities to support the students at ACA, ensuring that students have the support they need to be successful,” said Swanson.

So far, the Lunch and Learns have been on a slow start, according to Swanson, and she said she isn’t sure how much people are going.


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