ACA Hot Lunches

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter Photojournalism- 3/11/2019

ACA sells hot lunches everyday of the week. From pizza to baked potatoes, from soup to nachos, there hot lunches waiting for you in the cafeteria during lunch.

“The Snack Shack Coordinator and PAT President typically work together to price items, but the Snack Shack Coordinator has more insight since they are shopping or coordinating the shoppers to purchase the items we sell,” said Chantell Bunker, PAT president at ACA.

Cafeteria workers are serving nachos on Thursday.

Unfortunately, if a student forgot their lunch at home, they would not be able to get a hot lunch and pay back later. Our school used to do that but we ended that choice a couple years ago. “People are encouraged to put and keep money “on account” in the snack shack binder so they don’t have to worry about having cash daily. Because of our generous school community, I have often seen kids or parents help a student out by covering their lunch cost for them, and the student pays them back,” said Chantell Bunker.  

Nachos being prepared to be distributed during lunch.

Students can help serve lunch. “Students enrolled in the high school financial literacy class are required to work in the snack shack as part of their class. Other students are allowed to help based on the following factors: responsibility, reliability and ability to follow directions,” said Chantell Bunker.

Cafeteria workers are serving soup on Wednesday.

“My favorite food is definitely the soup,” said Katelynn Reynolds, a student who buys hot school lunches once or twice a week.

Kathryn Taggart, another student who gets hot school lunches two to three times a week agreed.

“My favorite food sold at school is the soup on Wednesdays,” Taggart said.

Daniel Shulikov said his favorite hot lunch at school are the nachos. Parents and other family members also enjoy the hot lunches.

“We are lucky to have such a great team working together to make hot lunches happen at ACA,” said Aliona Shulikov, a parent at ACA.


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