“In a few sentences, how have you grown as a learner so far this school year?

By Sydney Starr

The Charter – 3/21/19

Photo taken by Natalie Ramsey.

“I’d say that I’m way more able to work fast, like, as in I have more homework now; so I’m learning how to get things done more efficient and faster.” – Natalie Sawatsky, 15, Sophomore.

Photo taken by Natalie Ramsey.

“I think I’ve grown just by listening to people, and really understanding what they’re saying; and trying to intentionally learn from them, and not just thinking of my answer before I listen to them.” – Sultana Johansen, Office Manager.

“This year has really forced me to learn to adjust to different teaching styles; because, we had all of our kids in certain classes, and the teachers changed, and the teaching style is so different that we’ve had to process how to do that this year.” – Erika Lute, Parent.

Photo taken by Natalie Ramsey.

“I feel like my reading skills have gotten better, my writing skills too.” – Chloe Jacobsen, 13, 8th Grade.