ES meetings

Rachel Shulikov

The Charter News – 3/18/2019

ACA is one of the only schools that has ES meetings. And that’s another reason what makes it so different from other schools.

ES meetings are for students to have a teacher to “helps to make sure that all areas of education are covered, [and] all the different subjects and standards for those subjects.” said Diana Brainerd, Lead ES.

Students sometimes do projects during their ES meeting, for example Jefferson Gillespie building something in an ES meeting with Ms. Burt.

“I think they help them to know there’s another grown-up in there life who’s invested in there education,” said Brainerd, “… I think it sometimes helps them to get support with their academics. If a student needs help with anything then, “it’s another person that can come and help.” said Brainerd.

Students can do homework during their ES meetings. Ms. Kohl is helping this student with her homework.

“Our school is modeled roughly around a school that’s in southern Oregon,” said Brainerd. “[They] also [have] ES’s, they actually them education specialists, just like us.”

There are also some online schools, were they “touch base” through skype, said Brainerd. And there are other programs that teachers and students don’t meet as often, “but they don’t necessarily have the same structure that we do with on-site classes,” said Brainerd.

Kathryn Taggart is doing her homework in her ES meeting with Ms. Strutz.

Ciaran Hughes and Marcus Yonce are playing video games during their ES meeting. Other people play board games.


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