ACA Joins Marker Recycling Organization

By Rylie Young

The Charter News – 02/23/19

Striving to become a more eco friendly school, ACA is pushing to find new ways of recycling, reusing, and reducing. Their current goal? To keep markers out of landfill, and find a way to reuse them.  

Study hall teacher, Merrie Miller stumbled upon a program called ColorCycle which is facilitated by Crayola. ColorCycle is a marker recycling program that collects every type of markers from schools by allowing them to ship markers in for free. The markers will then be reused to make new Crayola markers. Being a part of the program will not only keep hundreds of markers from going to waste, but will also lower the garbage bill.

If you would like to participate, dropboxes will be placed all over the school to collect dead markers of any brand, type, and style (including highlighters and dry erase markers) .

“My goal is for our ACA community to become aware of how easy it is to recycle old markers,” says school director, Seanna Bloemer, “by simply dropping them in any of the boxes we have placed around school. Ultimately, I like to have no markers in the garbage and have them all be recycled- even having families bring them from home, gathering from friends and neighbors as well.”


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