The Zaniac Shakes Things Up

By Rylie Young

The Charter News – 03/15/19

Parent Action Team invited, Alex Zerbe, “The Zaniac,” to perform and entertain at an assembly. The Zaniac is comedian, juggler, magician, and educator. He first stepped into fame when he attended America’s Got Talent, back in season two. He now has his own shows and assemblies at schools and festivals. On Wednesday, March 6th, The Zaniac had two assemblies, the first assembly, “Come alive” was about reading and self-expression, and the second “The Gravity Catastrophe” was about physics and gravity.

“I saw a promotional piece for him, then went to his website & YouTube videos. I then read his reviews and liked what I saw…We looked at having him last year, but decided to go with the comic book artist last year,” says Chantell Bunker, president of the Parent Action Team. She says the wanted this year’s assembly to appeal to a broader audience, and decided to book Zerbe for an assembly. She says, “I loved the assemblies – especially the first one – and felt like they were very successful. The feedback I’ve received from students, parents and staff that have approached me has all been great.”

See bottom of page for exclusive audio interview with The Zaniac!

To begin the second assembly, The Zaniac attempts to surprise the crowd by quickly poking his head through a box. He said it was “not so surprising the second time,” referring to when he did the trick in the first assembly.

The Zaniac enters the crowd for an interactive lesson on gravity. He asks people in the crowd to point to where they believe the center of gravity is.

After throwing a shovel into the air, and catching it with his chin The Zaniac proceeds to juggle three pins. He showed off the skills he’s best known for, wild balancing tricks and intense juggling.
ACA school director and principal, Seanna Bloemer, joins The Zaniac on stage. She wears a cardboard Albert Einstein mask and dances around on stage.
The Zaniac shows off his move “that gets all the ladies,” to the crowd while using a Chinese yo-yo.
This trick he calls a “surprise trick”, causing the crowd of children to go wild. Alex Zerbe put on an assembly with no end to amusing facts, tricks, and jokes.
Eager to ask questions, several children raise their hands in hopes to be called on. The Zaniac had a science Q&A session for around 30 minutes during the assembly to answer any questions people might have had, and a general Q&A after the assembly was over.

The Zaniac is done with both assemblies and a swarm of kids approach him. He answered their questions, made friendly conversation, and gave out autographs.
Exclusive audio interview with Alex Zerbe on why he came to our school and what he thinks about it.