Suicide Prevention

By Natalie Ramsey

The Charter- 3/14/19              

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the US. During 2017 there were over 47,000 deaths from suicide in America, and suicide rates are increasing each year. People of all ages are unaware about the severity of the matter, which is why schools should prioritize educating its students and teachers on suicide and suicide prevention.

There are a number of available resources students are encouraged to use if needed. These resources include lifelines and crisis lines such as the National Prevention Lifeline the Oregon Youth Line, as well as school counselors.  

The alarmingly high rates of suicide are something that are not considered often, or the fact that many teens struggle with depression or thoughts of suicide, but it was brought to the attention of ACA’s staff.

“We rely on our ACA community- teachers, parents, students- to keep each other safe by being vigilant, creating a safe, welcoming environment and speaking up when we notice a concern,” said Bloemer.

“Last year ACA teachers were trained by a person in the county regarding suicide prevention strategies. All staff were given cards and posters to put up in their space that has the national suicide prevention hotline 24 hour number,” Bloemer explains. Although it is unknown whether this resource is being used, it is important that the number remains available for students if needed.