Welcome New Playground

By Miriam Lee

The Charter News — 3/8/19

As you may have noticed, Alliance Charter Academy has a new playground and it’s ready for play.

The previous playground was burned down, and authorities say it was arson. See “Arsonist Burns Down Our Playground” by Rylie Young for more details.

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Todd Erickson working on building the new structure. January 31st, 2019.

An estimated $15,000 worth of equipment was lost in the fire, according to Young’s story, and the Oregon City District insurance was able to pay all expenses. However, this does not include the two picnic benches that were also lost in the fire. Money from the school was used to purchase new benches, with a net gain of one extra bench that was saved in the fire.

According to Todd Erickson, who rebuilt the structure, students should’ve been able to play on it as soon as the new bark chips were laid down; they were delivered on March, 1st. However, Seanna Bloemer says that they didn’t take the fence down until March, 7th.

The new playground is geared towards grades K-6th—although that doesn’t mean high schoolers won’t get their share as well—Erickson said it is essential that the bark chips are there before play begins in order to keep falling from the structure safe, especially for younger kids.

Kids playing on the new playground for the first time. March 7th, 2019.

There are less platforms to sit or stand on, and more areas to climb. The previous structure didn’t have as many climbing aspects, and students have expressed their excitement for playing the ACA-famous game Grounders.

Students have been anticipating the arrival of a new playground, Erickson says, “They’re [the students] really excited, asking lots of questions.”

He says that the new playground is not fireproof, and in response, 7th grade Sabrina Stewart said, “hope this one doesn’t get burned down.”


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