The Evening of the Spoken Word

By Matthias Armstrong

The Charter News – 2/22/19

From the wide taste of literature to the smell of pizza and popcorn, readers and watchers alike seemed to have fun at this ACA event called “The Evening of the Spoken Word.”

The library was filled with event goers, and the readings showed it with a wide variety of poems, writings, and excerpts being read including the Declaration of Independence and the goofy tongue twisters of “Runny Babbit.” It was an event for all ages, and it featured kids reading their favorite nursery rhymes to ACA staff reciting poems and songs.

One of the readers that night read a poem called “The Guest House” written by Jelaluddin Rumi. His name was Ashton Scott and he reflected on some of the highlights of that night by saying he loved seeing teachers bring their students and just by how much variety there was in the readings.

“It was super good. I think everyone chose some really cool stuff.” Said Scott.

Organizers say that they hope to have another one next year and hopefully get more and more people interested in it.

Mrs. Coleman, a reader and one of those organizers, said that “The Evening of the Spoken Word” is a great idea and she hopes that next year ACA will be able to have more than one.

“It’s good practice for life, you gotta speak in front of people and it’s a safe environment. Those nervous feelings you have it’s okay it’s all part of it, and you get better and better at it and it’s fun.”

Some students believed that it wasn’t going to be fun but then they got up and read in front of everyone and realized that it wasn’t so bad. Many kids even took it one step further and continued to go up to the stand and continue reading pieces of writing they just wanted to share.

One teacher at ACA made it an extra credit assignment to go to this event and read. Mr. Wynne a social studies teacher told his students that they could get rewards for going to the event and reading a revolutionary war time period themed piece of writing and his students delivered.

“It was a great idea, and I was able to get my students excited about it and participate. They were a large number of the group up there so it was great for kids to get up and have a chance to try something in a safe environment.”

One thing that people kept saying about the event is that it was a safe environment for kids to try and practice public speaking, which is a difficult things to do both as an adult and a child, and this was really easy to see by the happy crowd and the good attitude towards all pieces of writing.


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