What are you looking forward to with the new playground?

By Matthias Armstrong

The Charter News – 1/28/19

“I’m hoping it looks a bit more modern than it did and hopefully a little bit bigger.” – Jorge Garcia, 15, Freshman.

“Personally for me it’s not really going to be that big of a deal but having at least the fences not there anymore so that the soccer ball can’t get kicked in. you won’t have to climb all the fences. And give something for the kids to do cause I’ve noticed a lot of kids not really staying around the lunchtime cause of them not having anything to do.”- Kolby Anderson, 13, 7th grade.

“I just hope it gets restored. I’m tired of having a fence.” – Gavin Young, 17, Junior.

“Hopefully it will be a lot bigger. Hopefully it will be more fun sized for people like me. That it’ll be fun and energetic and get people out of their shell by playing on the playground.” – Louis Peterson, 14, freshman.

“I’m very excited, all the kids are very excited too, we’re looking forward to having more space to play.” – Kerry Wright, kindergarten teacher.

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