The Monday Lunch and Learn

By: Alyssa DiLoreto

Science tends to be a complicated subject and class time can’t always cover all the content. At ACA, some of the teachers noticed students struggling in their classes. That’s why the Monday Lunch and Learn was created.

The Monday Lunch and Learn is in room 207 (the science room) from 12-12:30pm. The teachers Ann Heppner and Denise Monte are in the room ready to assist anyone. It is there for students who are having trouble in their science class to get some extra help on their homework. All students who attend will get an equal amount of help with their work.

The Monday Lunch and Learn started years ago by science teachers Denise Monte and Ann Heppner. According to Monte, it was created when ACA first moved to the Park Place building. However, it did not get it’s official title until 2016.

“It is to help students that need a little one on one attention,” says Monte, “also a time to come in and take a quiz if they missed it because of an absence.”

According to Monte, she has seen a drastic change in her students that have gotten help.

“I wish I could encourage more students to use it, but yes, for some students it’s been miraculously good for them.” She went on to talk about how even students just dropping in occasionally really helps them understand what’s going on.

“I think the Lunch and Learn is a great idea,” says 11th grade student, Sarah Lopez. “It provides students with an allotted time to get help from teachers and any questions they might have.”

The Lunch and Learn has been beneficial for so many, even earning praise from our Director.

“I support creating opportunities for our students to have additional access to their teachers to get questions answered. For those that attend, I feel it has been beneficial,” says Seanna Bloemer.

For anyone who needs help with any science homework, make sure to stop by the Monday Lunch and Learn.


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