Mr. Toth’s Hobby: Crabbing

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter News Briefs- 2/25/2019

Besides being a math teacher at ACA, Mr. Toth enjoys crabbing. Mr. Toth thinks crabbing is “fun and easy.”  His dream is to go to the coast, catch crabs, oysters and make tacos.

Some of the places Mr. Toth goes crabbing to are Tillamook Bay, Netarts Bay and Astoria. His family usually goes crabbing at bays because the water is calmer.  Since it takes a while to drive there, unload all the equipment, catch crab, load everything back and then drive home; Mr. Toth and his family go crabbing only 2 or 3 times a year.

Mr. Toth’s children also like crabbing. His oldest daughter likes to wade in the water and try finding them and grabbing them. He and his family take kayaks out to the ocean to catch crabs. They sometimes like to take their chihuahuas on the kayaks with them.

“When we came to Oregon, my family started kayaking. We would catch crabs. We enjoyed catching and eating the crabs and making tacos out of them.” Mr. Toth also enjoys fishing, but since he moved to Oregon he hasn’t caught much. “Since the water in Oregon is polluted,” said Mr. Toth. “There aren’t many fish you can catch and eat besides salmon.”

Mr. Toth’s wife and daughter are going to a youth conference and he is going on a road trip with the rest of the kids. They are going to camp out, make bonfires, go crabbing and enjoy the outdoors. “If you live in Oregon you gotta get out. It’s beautiful!” said Mr. Toth. “There’s lots of things to look at. Hikes, rivers and water and animals to eat and pet.”


Toth, David. Personal Interview. February 19th, 2019.