2019 – 2020 Class Schedule is Expected To Be Released Early

By Sydney Starr

The Charter News – 2/27/19

The first draft of the 2019 – 2020 class schedule has been sent out to teachers just over a month earlier than last year. This means the final draft is on track to be released to students and families almost a month sooner than last year.

Illustration created by Natalie Ramsey.

Diana Brainerd, lead ES, associate director, and member of the administrative team says “Our goal is to have it [the class schedule] out to families by spring break.” Families will receive an email from ACA with the completed schedule, and will also be able to access it through their ESes.

In addition, Shallon Smith, compliance officer and schedule-compiler mentions that this will give families and ESes more time to plan their schedules for next year, and get their second choices in too.

Both Brainerd and Smith says that there were several reasons why the schedule is early. Brainerd comments, “It’s our first time working through the process as we are all brand new to our jobs this year…We wanted to start the process soon enough to allow for enough time to review and clarify needed information as well as with the intention of trying to ensure we were not setting the due date too close to other dates teachers needed to meet such as end of term grading.”

Smith also says that the team made the date for teachers to turn in course proposals “a few weeks early this year,” and “…just sticking to a timeline” really helped to keep things on track.

For more information about what class options will be available for next school year, check out ACA’s website during the week of March 22 for the course catalog and class schedule.


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