Lack of Parking Space

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter Opinion- 2/5/2019

Our school needs more parking space. It is not easy to find parking space that is close to the school and that is not blocking neighbors’ driveways. A way we could solve the problem is by making another row of parking spaces in the soccer field. Our soccer field is big enough for an extra row of parking spaces without affecting the soccer field too much.

One of the reasons why we need more parking space is because some students or parents have difficulty finding a space to park. They end up parking too close to the neighbors which in return, angers the neighbors.

Another reason why we need more parking space is because some students or parents come to school later in the day and they can’t always find parking space. They have to park far from the school. This is especially hard for parents who have small children.

Due to the limited parking spaces, the streets end up with too many cars therefore causing congestion. Congestion can lead to unneeded accidents or injury. Drivers often cannot see past the cars parked on the sides of the street. This is very dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Although ACA needs more parking, there are a couple problems with building more parking spaces. “I agree that parking is not ideal for us. However, the District owns the building and property and we are not able to add additional parking.” said Seanna Bloemer, director of ACA. Since the District owns the property, we would have to ask permission to build anything. Also, our school doesn’t have enough money for the job. To solve the problem of not having enough money, we could have fundraisers or charity events.

In conclusion, our school is in lack of parking spaces. Is it tough to find parking spaces for everyone and a parking space that won’t cause angry neighbors or hazards for cars that drive down the school streets. Extending the parking space would be a good idea that can solve most of these problems.


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