Bathroom redo

The Charter News – 2/5/2019

Rachel Shulikov

In December, during the winter break, several students, with supervision of adults, redecorated a part of both bathrooms on the upstairs floor.

One of the students that helped redo the bathrooms, Paige Stickney said,  “We repainted the doors to help bring a more positive attitude to ACA and give students something positive to look at after the break.”

Paige said that the positive impact team was doing it, but wasn’t sure if people knew exact names.

“Technically I was in charge of the project, but it was a group’s effort. I liked to let people do their own thing, we all had something to work on.” said Rylie Young, a student at ACA. “I heard quite a few people talking about it when we first came back, there were a lot of positive reactions. I hope people like it though.”

The group decided to keep the Narnia painting on the girls bathroom for now, but will the walls ever be repainted? Rylie commented, “I think so, it was only painted about eight years ago, and some people are still attached to it. However, it’s possible and maybe needed.”

“… it was all done by a group of students working hard to make our world a better place.” said Chad Wynne teacher, E.S., and building maintenance. “I feel that they have done a great job and I really thank them for their contribution to our school.” he said.

The group seems to be happy with their work, “I think we all got together and made something that will hopefully be enjoyed for a long time.” said Paige.

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