An Evening of the Spoken Word

By Natalie Ramsey                    

The Charter Features – 2/1/19                          

Recently, members of the Language Arts Committee have been working on organizing An Evening of the Spoken Word. This event is not only for students and their families to enjoy the spoken word, but is also to promote the literary works of students

On February 20, 2019, from 6:00-7:30pm, the ACA library will be opening its doors to anyone who shares a love for the written word. The hope of An Evening of the Spoken Word is that our community can come together, whether reciting a favorite work or as an audience member, and form a greater understanding and appreciation for the written word, committee members said. The evening also stands as a small revival of the old poetry nights from years past.

Two current ACA students who had participated in the old poetry nights shared some of their memories. Magge Gilbert said “…It was just the fact that we got to recite poetry together as friends. It as well pushed some of us out of our comfort zones by having to speak in front of everyone, which in the long run, was very helpful.”

Lily Meier also partook in the poetry nights and had some things to say about the old event: “The old poetry nights were always one of my favorite things our school did. It helped my love of poetry blossom and I’ve always been big on performing and speaking in front of people. The weeks leading up to poetry night also helped me learn a lot, memorizing stanzas and analyzing them really helped my understanding of more complex writing.”

In keeping with the spirit of community at ACA, An Evening of the Spoken Word event brings students of all ages, parents, and teachers together to form a deeper sense of literature and enjoyment of the written word.

If you wish to participate in this event, find an exerpt of your own writing or another published work that is about two minutes long and share it with Mary Coleman by February 13.

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