The National Honors Society at ACA

By Matthias Armstrong

The Charter News Feature – 1/23/19

What is the National Honors Society (NHS)? Many people do not know the answer to this question, and the truth, according to members, is that their society is motivating students to achieve amazing things within their community.

It is more than just a club or meeting point for kids; the NHS is the leading organization, according to their website, in recognizing and helping stellar students who display excellent academic achievement, leadership, service, and character.

Mrs. Heppner, a lead faculty adviser for the NHS at ACA, expresses both her opinion and what she has witnessed happen to students during an impromptu interview. She watches these students become more involved in the NHS and their school and grow as leaders by attending their monthly meetings and being active in putting on events.

“I think it helps them a lot. I don’t think students realize how often you sit in meetings.” says Mrs. Heppner on just the practical effect it has of teaching students about functioning as a leader in a real world work environment.

She discussed how creating an NHS chapter here at ACA was a way of bringing the student leaders of the school, who had left and gone to CCC for more opportunities, to help mentor and guide the up and coming kids.

“On the one hand it gave an opportunity to other students to step up, which I think is good, but on the other hand, other students didn’t see those mentors. So it was a nice way to bring those mentor students back.”

Later in the same interview she goes on to explain that the student body of the NHS does everything. They plan events, create committees, assign tasks, and see things through until completion or failure.

At ACA the National Honors Society is comprised of many students and teachers alike. The students lead and organize their events and the teachers act as advisers. Students also elect and run for various positions where they can be in charge of happenings and give them a chance to grow as leaders.

A huge part of the NHS is service, and the students plan and take part in many projects to help the school and the community around ACA. Some examples being the Blackberry Project, which is where they go out and clear an assortment of weeds, blackberries included, and they also put on and advertise for the blood drive at ACA.

Currently the student president of the National Honors Society at ACA is Louisa Rux and she was willing to give her thoughts about the NHS and some of her history in it.

Initially, she wanted to join because it looks good on a college application but it was also one of her goals to achieve a leadership position inside of it so that she could accomplish more than just a good college application.

As the president of the NHS at ACA she oversees all student activity in it and helps all the committees get their tasks done. She also plans and organizes the monthly meetings that allow the students a face-to-face meeting to get stuff done.

She comments on how students get a lot out of being in the NHS and it helps students do activities and projects that students care about and are interested in. She goes on to say that it gives students a place to make a change in their school for the better. They have a hand in many happenings at ACA and can create new events for the school that hopefully help and make it better for both the school and its students, whether it’s taking care of weeds or donating blood.

Students can get involved by talking with any faculty adviser some of which include Mrs. Heppner and Mr. Wynn. To get in a student must have a high grade point average of around 3.5 or higher.

Overall the NHS has helped students get involved in the school more and allows them to make a change for the betterment of everyone attending ACA.

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