The Snow Ball is Here!

By: Hailey Fox

The Charter Features – 1/30/19

On Friday February first in the school gym will be the winter formal or Snow Ball. Grades 9-12th should are allowed to join in on the dancing from seven to ten at night. It costs eight dollars if you get a ticket at the study hall and ten dollars at the door. All guests must fill out a guest request form if they wish to come.

Rylie Young, a high school student here at ACA and a member of the Charter Newsroom, is the main event planner for the dance. She is also accompanied by other volunteers like Ashton Scott and Gavin Young who are the disc jockeys (or DJs) for the dance. Young has been planning the Snow Ball since September of this school year and has put lots of passion and hard work into putting it together.

Photo of the Snow Ball scene from Stranger Things given by Young

Youngs decorating idea is inspired off the show Stranger Things. The dance is based off of the Snow Ball scene from the last episode episode of season two. According to her she picked the scene because, “I thought the whole scene was fantastic and wished I could go, and I decided to recreate it.”

“[People should look forward to] having a good time with their friends, totally tubular 80’s music, and creating memories. Last year we didn’t have a winter formal because it was canceled so having one this year is definitely something to look forward to,” said Young


Young, Rylie. “Re: Interview.” Received by Hailey Fox, 23 Jan. 2019