Why They Should Remake the Transformers Movies

Transformers has been a loved franchise since the 1980s. What’s cooler than alien robots that can transform into practically anything? I grew up watching the transformers, the TV shows. I loved it so much. I was so excited when my dad finally let me see the live action movie that I had heard so much about. Little did I know, I would soon be disappointed.

In July, 2007 Hasbro released a new Transformers movie. It would capture fan favorite Autobots and Decepticons in an epic and adventurous film directed by Michael Bay.

While it was epic and exciting there were some places that just didn’t work. It lacked a cohesive story that made sense, as well as good moraled characters.

The main plot of Transformers has usually stayed near the same throughout the years. In the 2007 movie, the Autobots land on Earth to run away from the Decepticons that now ruled their home planet Cybertron. Little do they know, the Decepticons followed them to Earth.

Later, a human, Sam Witwicky finds some of these autobots and decides to help them find a way to stop the Decepticons. Further along he and the female protagonist Mckaela find that the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, had been stuck in ice for thousands of years.

To me, that makes no sense. The incohesive part of this is when did Megatron fall to Earth? And why? And he was stuck in the ice for thousands of years? None of this was explained in the movie. The rest of the movie just kept moving on with poor editing.

One thing about this movie that bothered me the most was how they portrayed the Transformers. As far as design, most of the Transformers were unrecognizable, except for the iconic Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. It was so hard to know which transformer was which until they would say their names. Most of the designs for the Autobots and Decepticons were not that great of a fit, and almost gross looking.  

A picture of the Deception, Starscream from Transformers (2007)

Another annoying part of this movie was the attitude and vulgar dialogue everyone had. There was barely any decent dialogue without the usage of bad language and inappropriate humor. When I had first seen the movie, I was disgusted. While sometimes inappropriate humor and crude language is funny, I believe they took it over the top. It was just endless. I had already found the human characters annoying. The constant use of potty humor and jokes fit for middle schoolers made it so much worse. In addition, Shia Labeouf may not have been a great decision for the story’s main character, Sam Witwicky.

Mkaela Barnes and Sam Witwicky.

After I had seen this I never wanted to go see any other of the Transformers movies that came out after. Several years had past and I heard they were making a Bumblebee stand alone movie in December, 2018.

I had some doubts about this movie when I went in. However, coming out of the movie theater was a different story. I loved that movie. It had a wonderful, sweet story that made me want more. It was family friendly but still exciting. It had good dialogue and never had the need to put any crude humor or language into it, in contrast to Michael Bay’s movies. It represented the Transformers world well.

After seeing this I now believe that the franchise could do with a remake. While Bumblebee is supposed to be a prequel to Michael Bay’s movies it could still work to make new Transformers movies off of it. I believe that if we replace the writers and director from the 2007 movie, there could be a wonderful movie. Transformers is a great franchise, I say it just needs to be redone in a cleaner and higher quality way than the last ones.