What Has ACA Done For You?

By Natalie Ramsey

The Charter, 1/24/19

“It’s taught me things and has given me friends. It’s also given me a good place to learn.” – Tyler Scott, 12, 6th grade.

“For me, ACA has helped me to become more structured with my time and just more organized with my school work. The teachers here are also really friendly and nice.” – Maddy Keyser, 15, Sophomore.

“When I moved to Oregon it gave my kids a place to be, as they were homeschooled from the beginning. When they got older we wanted more variety and more community, and for the last six years, it provided that for all my kids, as well as a job for me which I have really enjoyed. As for me as a person, I think that I like to learn and I think that what I’ve learned by working here is that just as everyone looks different on the outside, I think that I have learned that people can be just as different on the inside, and that’s invisible. As you get to know them, you get to learn how to help them. I’ve learned to just appreciate these individuals.” – David Toth, ACA teacher and parent.

“We have been at ACA for twelve years (since it started) and it’s allowed me to educate my kids with other families in a shared environment and it’s allowed me to work here at the same time. It’s open doors for my kids’ educations and provides opportunities.” – Mary Coleman, ACA staff member and parent.