How to Donate to ACA’s Library

By Sydney Starr

The Charter News Feature – 01/24/19

Like many of us, you may have boxes of cast off books sitting in your garage collecting dust (and mold), from your KonMari tidying frenzy. You’ve been meaning to donate them for months, but you have no idea how to go about it. Thankfully Jennifer Hitchcock, ACA’s librarian, sat down and explained how you should donate your used books.

Graphic created by Natalie Ramsey.

Step One: Collect Your Books

Look through the books you are wanting to donate. Make sure they are all in good condition and appropriate for a school library. Hitchcock says that our library primarily serves K-6/8; so books should be mostly targeted to that age group.

In addition, Hitchcock says “…just because we are a charter school, doesn’t mean we should only have everybody’s leftovers. Our students deserve new, current, modern, [and] in good condition library books.”

One way to determine if a book is desirable to donate, is if the book has received the Newbery or Caldecott award; or if it is an honor book of either. Hitchcock says “Those are the two biggest literary awards of children’s literature.” Therefore the library is most likely to accept these books.

Step Two: Email Hitchcock

“What I ask people to do is contact me by email saying they have books to donate,” says Hitchcock. In this email you should tell about how many books you have, and generally what subject they are. You can also talk to Hitchcock in person on Thursday mornings in the library.

Based on what the books are, how many there are, and if our library needs them, Hitchcock will give you further instructions on where to drop off the books.

Step Three: Drop Off The Books

Hitchcock says that generally she has people leave book donations in a box under the library desk; with a note on the box saying “Attn: Jennifer” and the donor’s name. “When people drop them off [on the library desk] with a note, it’s just so easy for them to get shoved in the wrong place.”

Hitchcock contines, saying that we just don’t want people leaving books on the desk or in the return basket; because that makes it confusing which books belong to ACA and which have just been donated.

Once the books have been left in the library, Hitchcock and her library work experience students will go through them, and pick out what our library needs. The remaining books will go to the lending library in the cafeteria or to Goodwill, unless the donor would like them back.

The library greatly appreciates all book donations, and is excited to see what books you bring.

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