What did you like most about Mr. Silverman and what will you miss most about him?

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter Features – 1/11/2019

“What I liked most about him is probably his friendly spirit and what I will miss most about him is just seeing him around school and talking to him.” -Grace Mikkelsen, 14, 8th grade.

“He always knew how to answer questions right on the spot but wisely. It was always a well thought-out answer. What I will miss most about him is the energy he had on the school, the presents.” -Chloe Galambos, 16, Freshman.

“I loved that Mr. Silverman always sought to make everyone feel welcomed and included and how he went out of his way to get to know people at ACA and what I will miss most about him is his friendly smile.” -Melissa Bowers, parent.

“He knew how to relate to students and everyone in a positive way. He was incredibly positive and an amazing resource. I’m really thankful that he did so much for the world.” -Megan Burt, teacher and ES.