Why Small School Environments Are Better Than Large Schools

By Rachel Shulikov

The Charter Opinions – 1/14/2019

Small schools have an advantage compared to large schools. Students have a better environment, and they have a closer relationship with their teachers and each other.

In small schools, teachers and students have a closer relationship. Teachers seem to care more about the students. There are usually fewer students in a classroom so the teacher can concentrate on each student. And students usually focus more on learning, so teachers can help them. Teachers can do more critical tasks, and can follow-up more often to the student.

But teachers are not the only ones that have good relationships with their students. In a small school everyone usually knows everyone. It’s easier to meet new people, and students make strong relationships.

A smaller environment for a school makes it easier for students to concentrate on learning. When you don’t have a lot of students to learn with its easier. Students who are put in smaller classrooms also seem to learn faster. In most classes students who don’t have a lot of other people to learn with, they learn better.

In small schools parents usually play a role in a students’ education. Parents are more hands on, the can help their child. Like in ACA parents are a big part of the schools.

Natalie Ramsey, who went to ACA for 8 years then left to Oregon City High school, and then came back recently, said she’d rather go to a small school, Natalie said “With a small school there’s a much better community”, She went on saying that, “[It’s] hard to reach out and meet new people in a large school” and to be involved.

Overall a small school is beneficial for a students education, and their relationships with other people.


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