Is Homeschooling for You?

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter Opinions- 1/9/2019

Homeschooling has become a schooling option for many parents with all the new academic requirements students have to learn. Over the years curriculum and programs have grown quite a bit for the homeschool community. Homeschooling has become more popular because parents are realizing how convenient and safer homeschooling really is.

One reason homeschooling is great, is that parents get to decide what their children learn. “A parent knows their child better than another adult would. They know their strengths and weakness, personality and interests. As a child grows, a parent can help guide them with intense knowledge or slow down to focus and concentrate until they are comfortable and learning.” said Victoria Berezin, a homeschooling mother of four. Parents get to spend more time with their child and get to know them more. This helps the parents find the best curriculum and pacing level that fits their child.

Parents with a special needs child, get to spend more one on one with their child. They can focus on what their child needs help with the most. If the child is homeschooled, he won’t have to go through all the bullying that happens at a regular public school. The parents can teach their child at the comfort of their own home without the worry that their child will be mistreated by the teachers and the school.

Bullying has become a big problem at public schools. Children become paranoid, scared, depressed and some have even committed suicide. I went to a public school when I was in kindergarten and first grade. Although I have good memories, I also have the bad ones. Bullying being one of them. I started to hate school and I’d be scared to go back. Eventually my mom decided to homeschool me and it has worked great for my family. Many other children experience what I went through and therefore I think that homeschooling would be a good option for them.

Although homeschooling is a great option, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some children have more social needs than others, therefore they need to be around other children like themselves. Some families have both parents that work, making it difficult to teach their children at home. In my community, there are many parents that would like to homeschool but they have a language barrier. By having a language barrier, the parents themselves feel inadequate to teach their children.

Homeschooling is a wonderful option for parents and their children. Especially children that go through learning difficulties or have special needs. Parents can spend more time with their children and learn their strengths and weaknesses. In the end, each parent knows their child, their needs and chooses the best option for them.


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