Suzanne Edwards Brings Many Musical Skills to ACA

Evalina Shulikov

The Charter Feature- 12/12/18

This year, Suzanne Edwards has joined the team of ACA. She loves to sing and plays many different instruments. She teaches choir, piano, and marimba. She loves music and is said to have an immense amount of musical talent.

Suzanne Edwards has many musical talents such as singing and playing many instruments. Her main instruments are voice and piano, and her secondary instrument is guitar and other tertiary instruments. In addition, she teaches and is proficient at strings (violin, viola, cello), woodwinds (clarinet, saxophone, flute), brass (French horn, trombone, tuba) and pitched percussion such as marimba, xylophone, and various world instruments. She sang in a choir at every school level; elementary, high school, college, and university. Now, she has recently joined the Portland Symphonic Choir.

Suzanne always worked as a freelance composer, singer-songwriting, and a music educator in her private studio with a career as an Indie Recording Artist in Country Music. Since 1997, she has worked as a musician, music director and choral director for various churches and faith organizations. From 2006 forward, she was called to teach music at various levels at private and parochial school. After graduating from UCLA with her Certificate in Film Scoring, she completed her Bachelor of Music Education and she is presently in the midst of working on her Master of Music in Choral Conducting.

The director of ACA, Seanna Bloemer, said this about the new teacher, “Suzanne has a very extensive music background with a variety of experience teaching. She embraces our ACA philosophy and has a passion to share the love of music and all it has to offer with all people.”

Since she was little, Suzanne Edwards always had a love for music. Her mother sang and played her guitar to Suzanne before and as soon as she was born. She began playing piano at 4 years old and began writing songs at about 8 years old. “Singing was a part of my everyday life,” she said.

Suzanne Edwards has a husband, Darrell, and two children. A 12 year old daughter, Brianna and 10 year old son, Miles. She teaches her children to play instruments and sing.

“I think they are immersed in it and show innate abilities in music and dance (though dance is from their dad),” said Suzanne. Her husband sang in a choir as a young student. Suzanne’s daughter has participated in choir and orchestra. Now, she is more interested in basketball. Her son is more into music, particularly film score and video game music, while her daughter is more of an athlete. “I do think that family singing is a wonderful way to create unity and harmony,” said Suzanne Edwards.

“She is good at teaching and is very helpful. I would recommend taking one of her classes because she is a good teacher,” said Cheyenna Hall, a student from Mrs. Edward’s choir class.


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