How Can ACA Benefit From Reading The Charter?

Journalism, many are divided upon what its use is and why we need it. Recently, there has been an uproar in calling out “fake news” in many journalist platforms. Even though the art of reporting and writing may be sketchy now a day’s, there are still many reasons on why we need journalism.

About three years ago,an ACA teacher, Michael Lancaster decided to add a new class.

“A timely conversation with Jilene Modlin about the benefits of nonfiction writing opportunities for high school students got me thinking about the many educational opportunities that a school newspaper would provide. That coincided with the start of the course proposal process, and I got a wild hair.” Says Lancaster.

Many students took his class that year, as well as the next. This year the class is still kicking with new journalism students with an intent to learn how it works. “We should continue the class since it provides students a fresh opportunity to practice a wide range of skills beyond the fact gathering, writing, editing, and speaking/listening skills, that satisfy the language arts component.” He continues, “Students work independently and collaboratively and integrate a range of subject matter, fine arts, and technology to write and distribute true stories and thoughtful opinions that are interesting, relevant, and useful to our readers. I also think it’s important to remind ourselves of the essential virtues and historical importance of old-school journalism.”

The journalism class of 2018-19 school year, wants to find ways to get more ACA families to read our paper, The Charter. So why should they read our stories? Here is what our class says to that.

“People should read the Charter because there are many interesting and informative stories that students have worked very hard on. Also, reading it would keep them informed about what’s going on at ACA.” – MacKenzie Waterman.

“People might find something out they didn’t know about before. We write stories about things that many people might want to know about or didn’t know about.” – Evelina Shulikov

“People should read the charter to get more information about ACA and what is happening involving it and its students.” – Matthias Armstrong

Journalism plays an important aspect to our world. It helps us know what’s going on, not just in politics and foreign affairs, but the communities around us. Here at ACA, some interesting things happen, or have happened that we enjoy reporting about.

The ACA Charter is a place that families can read, to know what’s happening at their school. Many students have also reported on the history of ACA, our staff, and ACA’s mission.

I think the class provides an authentic way for students to learn and practice language arts in a new way. I also hope it helps provide a sort of shared experience and forum for the ACA community.” Says Lancaster.

Journalism benefits many in all sorts of areas of their life. With our class, ACA families can benefit from our stories we put out.

“The Charter could help people know what the latest news is around here.” Says student, Rachel Shulikov.

“It gives the school and the students a place to express ourselves, and gives a place for difficult subjects to be talked about.” Said Sydney Starr, another journalist student.

“It’s beneficial so students can learn about journalism, the people can receive news and not just listen to the rumors.” Says Samantha Rands, current TA of the class.

“I think The Charter has more potential to be used instructionally on the consumer end. I mean ESes and parents can have their students read and respond to questions about our stories. Or, encourage them to write opinion pieces, letters to the editor, or submit some other form of commentary for publication.” Says Lancaster.

Journalism can play an important role into life at ACA. Our students are working hard to get the stories of ACA out there so make sure to give the Charter a read!


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