ACA Battles Animal Hunger Alongside F.I.D.O.

By Matthias Armstrong

The Charter News – 12/10/18

The volunteer-run organization FIDO is working vigorously to combat the problem of animal hunger and ACA is helping out.

The problem gained attention when volunteers involved in the Meals On Wheels program noticed people feeding their food to their pets instead of themselves. This sparked the creation of the Animeals program and later the Friends Involved in Dog Outreach (FIDO) program. Once a month on a Friday, a group from ACA that consists of any willing to work travels and helps FIDO sort, package, and store not only dog food but treats, cat food, litter, and even the occasional toy.

Nancy Martin, the president of FIDO, runs their whole operation. She used to work with the Animeals program and is now in charge of FIDO. She has worked for years with pets, dogs specifically, and knows the importance of having a pet and keeping it.

“It’s a tough thing and it’s not good for either the person or the pet,” says Nancy regarding the problem FIDO is fighting.

They’ve helped a lot of people keep their pets and she comments on just how impactful it is for both the people getting help and the people helping.“The other thing that’s really important is that there’s a sense of community of people helping people through that human bond they have with a pet, which our mission is to keep that unbroken.”

Seanna Bloemer has been volunteering around Oregon City for quite awhile, and she is the one who started ACA’s involvement with FIDO. When asked about how this helps the students she responded with, “It’s kinda like a first job; it’s a volunteer experience.” She also says that FIDO will sometimes help the students with their resumes. Overall, she expresses her opinion that it is a very beneficial experience for people at our school not only to help people but to benefit their own life.

One of the student volunteers from ACA, Hallie Heinsoo, said she found out about the volunteer opportunity back in March 2017 through her old ES, Seanna Bloemer, and has helped ever since. Service hours were part of the reason she started but now she does it more to be with friends and give back to the community. She says, “I think the work they do is amazing.” and she ends the interview by saying how working for this organization is a fun experience overall and it is very necessary and beneficial for everyone involved.

If you would like to volunteer for FIDO and help them bag and sort food to distribute then contact Seanna Bloemer to see when they need help, or if you want to get involved by yourself, FIDO staff members will greet you with open arms since they are always gracious for the help.


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Contact Information

Seanna Bloemer – seannabloemer@aca.k12.or .us