Would you homeschool your future kids?/ Why did you homeschool your kids?

By Rylie Young

Charter-Ed Territory – 12/17/18

Elliot Lute, a Kindergartener: *nods* “Because I can teach them stuff”

Benjamin Coleman, a freshman, who has been going to ACA 12 years: “In the future? Probably not. If I homeschooled them for 12 years, I feel like they need to change just like a normal person would do. They go from elementary to middle, to a high school, and then off to college. And going from homeschooling to college is such a big jump, it’s incomparable.”

Jolein Duff: “Well I have five kids and I think I had five different reasons for homeschooling them. Of all the kids I had, only one would fit in well. All the others had some things going on that would make a traditional school situation challenging for them.”

Meredith Gerstner, a new writing teacher who has a two-year-old daughter: “I think it would really depend on the circumstances. Right now, it’s not the plan. As a teacher, I tend to put my faith in the education system, but I also know that it’s not the best fit for everyone. Our school is full of students who struggled in regular academic environments. So, if my kiddo goes to school and it’s not the right fit, I might consider homeschooling her.”