The Undefined Representative of ACA: the Display Case

By Hailey Fox

The Charter Features – 12/17/18

The display case here at ACA seems random when compared to other schools display cases. However, every item in the case reflects how unique ACA is from all the other schools and shows what we value is different.

The Trophies

When you look at the other display cases at most other schools all you see are awards. Although ACA doesn’t have athletic teams we still compete for trophies. Some are from the chess team and fencing class at ACA. The trophies on the display case that are from the chess club and fencing class were won by past students, although any further details were hard to come by.

Destination Imagination

If you glance over the top of the display case you can see that there are multiple golden trophies some with angels on top of them. They also will have a blue cube and red circle being held up by the angels. Those trophies are from DI [Destination Imagination]. Jolein Vona, a parent of five who’s been volunteering as a representative for Di for nineteen years, describes DI as “… an academically based, multiple disciplinary, creative problem solving program for kids through kindergarten to university level. It’s a brain sport kind of like Oregon Battle of the Books or Lego robotics or other team competitions like that.” Every trophy has been won at local or state. However only one trophy has been won at global’s.

The trophy on the top left of the case with a giant angel is a trophy won at globals. In 2012 one of the elementary teams went to globals. They competed against seventy other teams in the Fine Arts division. The teams in DI that year were from every state and about fifteen different countries.

According to Vona, “I knew they were gonna do well. They were gonna place in the top ten because I’ve done this a long time and knew they had a really outstanding solution… The mid level teams placed in about the high 20s [they were nominated for globals in the structural engineering] which is typical for most of our teams who go to finals. Almost every year we have a team that goes to globals… When they announced the second place team they had the team name, the team registration number, and then Alliance Charter Academy was on this screen in the stadium. It was like college basketball stadium. So everybody there got to see the name of our school on the stage. I’m not a screamer but I screamed that day.”


For information about the shoes in the display case, check out The Shoes That Live by Sydney Starr

Caught-In-The-Act Campaign

In the bottom right of the case there what seems like to be a big, jumbled, mess of items. These items are actually part of a suspended positive reinforcement campaign called Caught In The Act.

According to Calhoun,  “We had monthly themes and we would send out information to parents like ‘this month we’re highlighting themes of friendship here’s some ways that maybe your student could be a good friend’ and then we had these caught ya drawings out and people could nominate other students… We put these [filled out slips] all in a box and then once a month we had a drawing of at least five different names and if you were drawn you got to pick a prize.” Carla Calhoun is an ES, teacher, and parent liaison.

The Display Case

When you first walk in our doors and go down the hall, you see this slightly scuffed up display case. Most, if not all, the items seem to be slightly out of place. However the majority of them are right where they should be.

“The case was here when we move to this building. Our program was at Eastern Community School and then we moved here so we had the whole Park Place Elementary to our self. That display case was there [before we got to the new building]. So we started putting in items like the trophies and the awards and different things.” -Calhoun


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*This photo has been modified slightly from the original because the case wouldn’t fit in one photo. No other modifications have been made.