“What’s your favorite season? Why?”

By Hailey Fox
The Charter Features - 11/7/18
“Probably Summer. I really like it because the weather is nice and I usually don’t have as much going on also that [summer] gives me more time. I volunteer at a horse ranch in the summer so I get more time to do other things like that.” -Ashlin Meeker, Sophomore 
“Summer. I like to garden and I like to be outside when it’s warm and to swim in the rivers and lakes in Oregon.”   -Kristan Meir, Special ED Secretary, Personal Assistant in Algebra Theory, and Parent
“Winter. Because I like to play outside during the winter time.”   -Robert Bello, 6th Grader
“Spring. I like to see the things come back to life.” – Denise Monte, ES and Science Department Co-Leader
“Summer. Because there is no school and I have time to focus on myself.” – Sarah Docken, Senior