New Long Term Guitar Substitute

By: Alyssa DiLoreto

After we said goodbye to ACA’s guitar/ukulele teacher, a new one came in and taught/prepared the classes for the Winter Concert. 

When the previous guitar teacher left, it took ACA a while to find someone to replace him. Within a few weeks they found Brady Heinsoo, who was willing to step in.

“My little sister Hallie goes here.” Says Mr Heinsoo, “She told me they  were in need of a new guitar teacher. So I emailed them and later got the job. It all worked out. Basically my sister is the one who got me the job.”

Mr. Heinsoo has been here for a few months, and has enjoyed getting to know his new students. 

“I love it so far, nice kids.” Stated Mr. Heinsoo “Nice environment, smaller groups, and you get to know people better.”

It hasn’t been decided on how long Mr. Heinsoo will be at ACA, but when asked how long he wants to stay here he responded, “I would be happy to take over as the teacher. Totally happy to stay. This is my dream job.”

So far there have been great reviews from the students in his classes.

“I like that he is super chill and laid back.” Says Sophmore Hailey Smith. “Every Thursday he does something called ‘Theory Thursday’. We learn something new like a scale or skill and it’s a fun way to learn new things.” 

“He’s great.” Says 7th Grader, Daniel Vernam,”I like the way he teaches.”

Many other students are enjoyng Brady Heinsoo’s new teaching style. Mr. Heinsoo is eager and excited for what the future holds in this position. 


Heinsoo, Brady. In-Person Interview, November 20th.

Smith, Hailey. Text Interview, November 27th. 

Vernam, Daniel. In-Person Interview, December 2nd.