School Mascot

By Evalina Shulikov

The Charter News- 11/15/18

Did you know that our school actually has a mascot? Have you ever wondered what our school mascot is? Well, our school mascot is an eagle! We have a big banner in the gym with our mascot on it.

“I like the eagle because it’s a symbol of strength and majesty and that’s encouraging to me.” said Kristen Kohl, a teacher at ACA.

It all started back when our school was in Eastham; we were the Eastham Eagles. Since then, our mascot hasn’t changed. There were eagles painted on the outside of the building and the middle of the gym floor. At that time, ACA mostly had kindergarteners and very few high schoolers. When the school voted for the mascot, most of the students voted for the eagle. Later, the staff found out that younger students thought our school mascot was already an eagle because we had painted eagle throughout the school. The information in this paragraph is from Lara Fabrycki, a former director at ACA.

ACA also has official school colors. Long before the school opened, the founders, Shelly Smith and Lara Fabrycki had to pick the colors for our school to create a stationary and logo. They picked the colors blue and gold. Our school colors haven’t changed since then.

There has been some confusion about our mascot. This is because our school has a mat outside the front door with a panther on it. The mat was from the original school, Park Place Elementary. They were the Park Place Panthers. Another reason why there might have been confusion, is because our mascot isn’t well displayed throughout the school or seen on our school website.

After asking some students if they would like the mascot to be something else, this is what Rebecca Olson had to say, “I would want the mascot to be a horse because people could relate to them and I like horses.” Overall, most students and teachers that were asked said they thought the mascot was great and a good symbol for our school.


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