ACA launched a new website design

By Rylie Young

The Charter News – 11/16/18

Alliance Charter Academy launched a new and improved official website.

The website is live and constantly being updated to display current and relevant information about our school and the upcoming events, that prospective and attending families need to know.

(Before and after pictures of the ACA website, from October 29th and 30th)

This look, which was launched on October 30th, is a welcomed update from the previous design that was said to resemble an elementary school aesthetic. Rod Sawatsky, a graphic designer and dad to four ACA students the school’s new logo last school year. The company he works for, Pivot, produced the website custom to our school.

There was committee of admin who working with company, Danelle Till says, “In that committee, we as a group went through a process that the marketing form uses to get a real good sense of what an organization is, what’s important to them, and then they worked with the information that we gave them to come up with the verbiage that is on the website, design for the new logo, and all that.”

Many of the pages and resources on the website have stayed the same, but now there is a menu bar at the top which makes these pages easier to access. According to Bloemer, the wording and depth of the description of ACA has changed to better express the essential features.

“I think they wanted a website that was more easy for people to navigate and access, and to kind of modernize it,” says Jill Mohr about why they updated the new website.

“It looks useful, it looks nice, more modern. I think it reflects our school better,” says Mary Coleman, who was on the committee for the update. Seanna Bloemer, ACA’s director says the new look “is more us”.


Bloemer, Seanna. Personal Interview. October 30th, 2018.

Coleman, Mary. Personal Interview. November 8th, 2018.

Mohr, Jill. Personal Interview. October 30th, 2018.

Till, Danelle. Personal Interview. October 31th, 2018.