New Health Standards

By Rachel Shulikov

The Charter News – 11/15/2018

The state health standards have been changed.  Now ACA is giving out new curriculum, but according to Drew Holland the curriculum hasn’t really changed

Drew Holland, ACA’s health, PE, and middle school science teacher said, “The new health standards really haven’t changed that much from the old health standards. What has changed, however, is the amount of focus put on specific strands of health.”  When he was asked why the standards changed he said, “I think that educators wanted the health standards to become a little more inclusive so that all kids could feel represented in them.”

ACA is also giving out new curriculum, and Holland commented that the reason why was because, “The new standards are a little more specific with concepts like sexual health and gender identity (among others). These are important issues, but some parents may not feel the most prepared to teach them.” he said that “The Great Body Shop [which is ACA’s health curriculum from kindergarten to 8th grade] does a good job at making these standards accessible and easy to approach.”

Aliona Shulikov a mom in ACA said that she liked the new health curriculum, and so far has no problems with it, she commented that she would let her kids take high school health classes in ACA, but if there were to go to a regular high school she wouldn’t want them to take health classes.

Diana Brainerd, former ES, and now  ACA’s new Associate Director and Lead ES, “I think that when they [parents] look at the standards they get scared, but when they see it they realize it’s doable.”

Brainerd said that with the health standard changes, “Students will be more aware about themselves and other people.” she also said that “We (ACA) are giving out new curriculum to help transition to the new standards.”

Brainerd said that if a students’ parents don’t want their child to learn about a certain thing then the student can just do the same standard, but in a lower grade, because not everything is approachable and appropriate to some people.

Here is a summary of them from kindergarten to high school:

– Health promotion and disease prevention.

– Influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors.

– Ability to access valid information, products and services.

– Interpersonal communication skills, and avoid or reduce health risks.

– Use decision-making skills.

– Use goal-setting skills.

– Practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.

– Advocate for personal, family, and community health.


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