New Spanish Speaking Group

By Matthias Armstrong

The Charter News – 11/09/18

A new Spanish speaking group has formed at ACA, and its goal is to build a learning Spanish speaking community within ACA.

Starting every Tuesday, at lunch, the new spanish group will be meeting in the speech room to converse and learn new things, for instance grammar and vocabulary in Spanish. People already in the group have voiced their enthusiasm to speak Spanish and they welcome all who want to join. Everyone is allowed to join, whether you are a teacher, student, or parent.

The ACA Spanish teacher, Mrs Kohl, is a member of the group. She expresses how it is nice to meet new people and learn about them and with them in Spanish.

“We want to build a sense of comradery between people that enjoy Spanish.” She also elaborates on how the group is helping saying, “Its helping us practice and use what we know.”

Lindsay Williams is a language blogger and someone who knows, practices, and teaches many different languages. Her primary goal is to inspire independent language learners and teachers with her blogs and videos about what language is and some helpful things to know when learning a language.

Williams posted a paper discussing the importance of learning, listening, and speaking a language in a group. She has five main points about learning groups and how they help. They are sharing success, sharing struggles, the exchange of ideas, supporting others, and supporting yourself. To break it down, it is important to learn a language in a group or club because you are able to build each other up by supporting people and helping them with struggles along with learning yourself from their experiences and successes.

Alyssa DiLoreto, a Spanish I student who expressed interest in the group, explains why she might want to go to the group, “I should still go because being immersed in people speaking Spanish would help me.” She also says, “it might make it easier to learn Spanish if I hear other people talking all the time.” Her hopes for attending this group are to learn more Spanish and get better at the language.

The brand new group has only had two meetings with very few teachers and parents involved. Their hope is to start expanding and getting more students motivated to join and learn Spanish.


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