Family Study Hall

By Evalina Shulikov 

The Charter News- 11/14/18

Looking for a good place to study? This year our school has a family study hall. It is located downstairs, the room next to the preschool classroom. It is the perfect place for students and parents to study and do their homework. It is available Monday-Thursday from 9:00-12:00 in the morning.   

According to parents and students that use the family study hall, it is a great place for studying. “Even if it gets a little noisy, it’s not distracting,” said Julie Pen, a chemistry teacher at ACA. When asking Seanna Bloemer, the director at ACA, her reply was ”It is a quiet space for families to provide instruction to their children, similar to a library.”

If you’re struggling with paying attention to your work in the cafeteria or if you’re just looking for a nice place to study. Head to the family study hall! The room provides space dividers for private study time, but it also has big tables for group study. The room provides teachers a quiet place to catch up on their work. Come and visit the new family study hall and see if it is the right place for your studies.


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