ACA’s New Positive Impact Team

By Sydney Starr

The Charter News – 11/14/18

An Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) student has created a new action group, the Positive Impact Team. This group is focused on making the school more environmentally friendly and positive for students and families.

Team Information and Goals

The team will be having meetings every other week on Tuesdays during lunch, the location is to be determined. Rylie Young, a freshman and the founder of the team, says “…anyone can come, parents [and] students of all grades.” In ACA’s weekly newsletter, an announcement for the Positive Impact Team states: “In our meetings we will come up with ideas that build, grow, and cultivate a positive impact on our global local and social environment, including sustainability and forward thinking.”

According to the ACA weekly newsletter emailed by Director Seanna Bloemer, the group’s goal “… is to have a positive impact on the environment, on our school, and the people within it.” Their first project will be painting positive messages in the girl’s bathroom upstairs on the stall doors. They also plan on increasing the school’s recycling program, bringing back composting, and decreasing the cafeteria’s use of single-use dishes and silverware.

This team has great potential for the future, Rylie Young says “I’m hoping this will be a permanent team, I’m sure there are a few projects that I want to do and I’m hoping that more projects will come up.” And Stephanie Young, parent and team chaperone, says “I would be really excited to see what comes of it…”  

Founder’s Inspiration

Rylie Young says that a lot of her inspiration to start this team cam from “Last year [when] I was in Mr. Stilwell’s Contemporary World Issues class, and he really got me thinking about our carbon footprint, and just how we’re impacting the environment. And he also, [as] part of the assignment [we had] to find something in our school that we could do better… and so that just got me thinking, and got me really into zero-waste.”

Need For The Team

Stephanie Young says that there is a need for this team, “Because of the dynamic of ACA being a homeschool community, mostly, any kind of unity that we can create [is good]. Plus, there’s been so many changes this last year with the staff and students that it seemed like a good time to find a way to bring people together, in addition to the need of the environment.”

Miriam Lee, a freshman and member of the team, says that she joined the team because “I want to make a difference, and it just sounded like such a nice idea to make or try and help ACA. And also I’ve been going here for like all of my life, [so] I just want to make sure that ACA is the best it can be.”

Administrator Jill Mohr voices her confidence in the team, saying “If Rylie is leading it, I am sure it will be successful.”

Students leaving the Positive Impact Team meeting.


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